Looking for a 4WD Lift Kit in Albury Wodonga?

efs-lift-kitOur range of 4×4 suspension lift kits have been specifically put together for Australia’s harsh driving conditions. More often than not your vehicle is loaded to the hilt, maybe fitted with heavy accessories or driven on harsh corragated roads for long periods of time. No matter what your appliaction, we can match the correct lift kit to your vehicle for exceptional performance for most makes and models of offroad vehicles.

We offer a complete sales and fitting of 4WD lift kits, after installation you can expect improved stability while carry load or towing, superior ride control and outstanding comfort for both on-road and off-road driving. A suspension lift kit raises the entire suspension system, which allows 4WD owners to install much larger tyres and safely take the four wheel drive off road and into rougher terrains. Unlike other types of lift kits, suspension lift kits actually suspend the entire frame (with all the major parts including the engine and powertrain) to increase the distance between the chassis and the axles. Our lift kits raise the entire suspension by changing the shocks and the front and rear springs.