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Snatch Straps or Rope

Nylon snatch straps and kinetic ropes are both commonly used for 4×4 recovery purposes, but they function differently and have their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Nylon Snatch Straps

Nylon snatch straps are typically made from a high-strength nylon webbing material that is designed to stretch and recoil when under tension. This stretching action helps to transfer the kinetic energy from the recovery vehicle to the stuck vehicle, which can help to pull it out of a difficult situation. Snatch straps are often a more affordable option compared to kinetic ropes and are generally easier to handle and store.

EFS Recon Snatch Strap

EFS Recon Snatch Strap

8000kg x 9m x 60mm

EFS Orange Soft Shackle

EFS Soft Shackle

14,000kg minimum breaking strength

Kinetic Ropes

Kinetic ropes, on the other hand, are made from a braided nylon material that has a higher stretch and recoil rate compared to snatch straps. This allows the rope to absorb more energy when under tension, which can help to provide a smoother recovery and reduce the risk of damage to the vehicles. Kinetic ropes are typically more expensive than snatch straps and require careful handling and storage to avoid damage to the rope.


EFS Recon Kinetic Rope

13000kg X 9m

4x4 Kinetic-rope-package

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