Driving Lights

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Powerful Driving Lights

Driving lights are more focused lights that are usually mounted lower on the vehicle’s front bumper or grille. They are designed to provide a more targeted beam of light that illuminates a narrower area in front of the vehicle. This can be particularly useful for driving in rural or off-road areas where obstacles may be present and require more precise illumination.

EFS Vividmax range of round LED spotlights. Manufactured with genuine USA made Cree LED chips, these high-quality lights are seriously bright!

Night into Day

High-quality U.S.A Cree LED chip light
5D optics for maximum vision and illumination
Stainless steel adjustable mounts
IP67 rating 100% waterproof polycarbonate front cover
Waterproof connection
2-year warranty



Vividmax round LED spotlights

EFS Vividmax LED Driving Lights

Bright Cree LEDs.

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