Rear Bars

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Protection from Rear Bars

4×4 rear bars, also known as rear bumpers or rear bull bars, can offer several benefits for off-road vehicles.
A 4×4 rear bar can provide added protection, clearance, and utility to your off-road vehicle.

Stylish and Functional Rear Bars

Protection – A 4×4 rear bar can protect the rear of your vehicle from damage during off-road adventures. It can absorb the impact of an accidental collision, protect the rear lights, and prevent damage to the body and chassis.

Increased clearance – Many 4×4 rear bars are designed to increase the ground clearance at the back of your vehicle. This can be especially useful when driving over rough terrain or when going over large rocks, as it reduces the risk of bottoming out.

Recovery points – Some 4×4 rear bars come with built-in recovery points that can be used to tow your vehicle out of a sticky situation or to recover another vehicle. Don’t forget to take a photo if you recover another vehicle.

Aesthetics – A well-designed 4×4 rear bar can improve the appearance of your vehicle, giving it a more rugged and aggressive look.

Additional storage – Some 4×4 rear bars come with integrated storage options, such as jerry can holders or spare wheel carriers, which can free up space inside your vehicle.

EFS Rear BullBars

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